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Damage to your home from hail and wind can leave your home susceptible to the elements. Roof damage especially will cause your shingles to deteriorate prematurely, causing your roof to leak. This usually occurs several years after the hail has damaged the roof. Insurance companies, on average, allow homeowner’s only (1) year from the date of a hail storm to file a claim. When a homeowner misses the window to file a claim, they ultimately become financially responsible for repairing the damage. In some cases, the insurance carrier may then require the homeowner to replace the roof in order to retain their policy.

Upon request, our trained Restoration analysts will give you a professional inspection of your home and can assist you with your insurance claim and restoration of your home, from start to finish. Please see the facts and fictions of hail damage as presented by Angie’s List and contact us today for your free, no-obligation inspection.

Fact or Fiction

Hail damage can be extremely destructive to your roof and cause stress and hassle as you seek to repair the damage. Separating facts from fictions about hail damage repair can help ensure that you get the necessary help to fix your roof.

1. Fiction: If I can’t see indentations on my roof, there’s no need to have my roof inspected because there clearly is no damage.

Fact: It is a good idea to work with a reputable professional to evaluate whether your roof has been compromised. Some effects of hail are not immediately evident.
A roof can be weakened by hail, but not fail for a year or two. Hail can void your roofing manufacturer’s
warranty, another reason it’s important to have your roof evaluated if you suspect hail damage.

2. Fiction: Foregoing an insurance claim on hail damage means that your rates won’t go up.

Fact: Insurance companies can raise everyone’s rates after a disaster. The only thing that you are doing by failing to file a claim is helping everyone else pay for their damage without getting the assistance you need.

3. Fiction: I just had a new roof installed. I don’t have to file an insurance claim because the manufacturer has a 50-year warranty.

Fact: Roofing manufacturers will cover against things they can control, such as manufacturing defects, but they cannot warranty against Mother Nature.

4. Fiction: If visual damage from hail is not evident, the resale value of my home is unaffected.

Fact: Upon placing your home on the market, a potential buyer will likely utilize the services of a home inspector who will carefully evaluate your property. It’s highly likely that they will find evidence of the hail damage and you’ll be forced to either replace the roof or dramatically lower the sale price if you wish to keep the sale intact.

5. Fiction: The hail was small; it couldn’t have caused any damage.

Fact: Hail of all sizes can cause issues. When in doubt, get an evaluation to ensure that you are covered, if in fact your home has experienced hail damage.

6. Fiction: I can get a new roof for free if the contractor offers to pay my deductible for free.

Fact: Anyone who offers to do this here in the state of IL and Wisconsin is breaking the law.

7. Fiction: I have a year to file a claim after the damage has occurred.

Fact: This varies from company to company. Some are less and others will go over the year mark, especially if a large geographical area was affected.

8. Fiction: My neighbors were able to get a hail damage claim approved on their property. Mine should be a no-brainer.

Fact: Hail damage is sporadic and each property needs to be evaluated individually. Policies and insurance companies can also vary.